• Today in WWII History...

    15 September 1940 - Luftwaffe bombs Bristol Aeroplane Company
    1940 - PM Winston Churchill visits 11 Fighter Group
    1940 - Tide turns in Battle of Britain in WW II, RAF beats Luftwaffe
    1941 - Nazis kill 800 Jewish women at Shkudvil Lithuania
    1942 - US aircraft carrier Wasp torpedoed at Guadalcanal
    1943 - Benito Mussolini forms a rival fascist government in Italy
    1943 - Concentration Camp Vaivara in Estonia opens
    1943 - Concentration Camp Kauwen in Lithuania opens
    1944 - British bombers hit Tirpitz with Tallboy bombs
    1944 - Russian troops free Sofia Bulgaria

    Today in WWII History...

    1944-The Battle of Morotai, part of the Pacific War, began on 15 September 1944, and continued until the end of the war in August 1945. The fighting started when United States and Australian forces landed on the southwest corner of Morotai, a small island in the Netherlands East Indies (NEI), which the Allies needed as a base to support the liberation of the Philippines later that year. The invading forces greatly outnumbered the island's Japanese defenders and secured their objectives in two weeks. Japanese reinforcements landed on the island between September and November, but lacked the supplies needed to effectively attack the Allied defensive perimeter. Intermittent fighting continued until the end of the war, with the Japanese troops suffering heavy loss of life from disease and starvation.Morotai's development into an Allied base began shortly after the landing, and two major airfields were ready for use in October. These and other base facilities played an important role in the liberation of the Philippines during 1944 and 1945. Torpedo boats and aircraft based at Morotai also harassed Japanese positions in the NEI. The island's base facilities were further expanded in 1945 to support the Australian-led Borneo Campaign, and Morotai remained an important logistical hub and command center until the Dutch reestablished their colonial rule in the NEI.
    1944 - US 1st Infantry division pushes through to Westwall
    1944 - US 28th Infantry division occupies Hill 555 at Roscheid
    Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill 1944 - US troops lands on Palau & Morotai

    16 September 1940 - Dutch SS forms
    1940 - Luftwaffe attacks center of London
    1941 - German armour troops surround Kiev Ukraine
    1941 - Hitler orders for every dead German 100 Yugoslavians to be killed

    Today in WWII History...

    1941 - Jews of Vilna Poland confined to Ghetto
    1943 - Soviet army under general Vatutin reconquer Romny

    17 September 1939 - German U-29 sinks British aircraft carrier Courageous
    1939 - Russia invades Eastern Poland, takes 217,000 Poles prisoner
    1940 - Nazis deprive Jews of possessions
    1941 - A decree of the Soviet State Committee of Defense, restoring Vsevobuch in the face of the Great Patriotic War, is issued
    1943 - Load of "ammunition in transit" explodes at Norfolk Naval Air Station
    1943 - The Russian city of Bryansk is liberated from Nazis.
    1944 - Dutch begin railroad strike against German occupiers

    18 September 1939 - William Joyce's first Nazi propaganda broadcast.
    1940 - 19 German aircraft shot down above England
    1940 - Italian troops conquer Sidi Barrani
    1944 - British submarine Tradewind torpedoes Junyo Maru: 5,600 killed
    1944 - Eindhoven free (Lightly Day)
    1944 - US 266th division occupiers Brest



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