• Today in WWII history...

    11 September 1939 – Canada declares war on Germany, the country's first independent declaration of war

    1940 – George Stibitz performs the first remote operation of a computer.

    1941 – Ground is broken for the construction of The Pentagon.

    1941 – Charles Lindbergh's Des Moines Speech accusing the British, Jews and the Roosevelt administration of pressing for war with Germany.


    Today in WWII history...

    1943 –German troops occupy Corsica and Kosovo-Metohija.

    Today in WWII history...

    1943 – Start of the liquidation of the Ghettos in Minsk and Lida by the Nazis.

    1944 – The first Allied troops of the U.S. Army cross the western border of Germany.

    1944 – RAF bombing raid on Darmstadt and the following firestorm kill 11,500.

    1945 – Australian 9th Division forces liberate the Japanese-run Batu Lintang camp, a POW and civilian internment camp on the island of Borneo.


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